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Herbal Hot/Cold "Flannel"  Boo Boo Buddie 6" wide x 7" long
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Herbal Hot/Cold "Flannel" Boo Boo Buddie 6" wide x 7" long

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Hot/Cold Therapy Boo Boo Buddie 6" wide x 7" long
Our soft flannel Boo Boo Buddie Pacs are a must for every household with toddlers. Just 30 seconds in the microwave our Boo Boo Buddie provides warm, moist heat to ease earaches, tummyaches, colds, etc... Store in the freezer for the perfect cure to provide relief for those daily bumps and bruises in life !

The 6" wide x 7" long Hot/Cold Therapy Boo Boo Buddie Pac is just the right size for little ones. Penetrating heat or gentle cold relief along with the aroma from the herbs offers a therapeutic relaxing and calming effect.
HOT Therapy (Microwave it) or Cold Therapy (Freeze it)
Use Hot to create a moist aromatic heat to provide relief  for a variety of aches and pains.... such as earaches, chest colds, toothaches, upset tummies, or any kind of owie.... Warm up at bedtime to help with falling asleep.
Use Cold to reduce swelling and pain from scrapes, bumps and bruises. Less shocking than gel packs or a bag of peas.

Store in the freezer to have readily available when your toddler needs cooling relief for a little Boo Boo. Can easily go from the freezer to the microwave if warm heat is needed instead.

6" Wide x 7" Long   Non-Toxic

Filled with our formulated mixture of 7 organic herbs for relaxation, flaxseed for thermal ability to retain heat and rice for moist heat therapy. Made from flannel fabric that has been doubled stitched creating 3 channels to hold the fill in place for even heat or cold distribution, it feels comfy against the skin whether it's used Hot or Cold. We make all our our Herbal Packs ourselves to ensure a quality hand made product

Available in 12 assorted Flannel Fabrics.
Can be used over and over again.
To Clean: Wipe with damp cloth and lay flat to dry.
Uses for Herbal Hot/Cold Boo Boo Buddie Pac
Earaches - Headaches - Tummyaches - Toothaches- Chest Colds
Scrapes - Colds - Bee Stings - Bumps - Bruises - Constipation - Stress
Sports Injuries - Day Care Buddie - Bedtime Buddie
Makes a great baby shower or birthday gift.
Packaged in a clear bag that includes label listing all the herbs and their therapeutic properties along with directions for Hot or Cold Therapy.
Approximate measurements:  6" wide x 7" long
Weight: 1/2 lb.
Heat Therapy
Warm in the microwave for 30 - 45 seconds depending on desired warmth. 
Soothing aromatic heat should last for almost 30 minutes.
When Boo Boo Buddie begins to cool, reheat at 30 second intervals.
DO NOT OVERHEAT !  Will cause burns.
Cold Therapy
Place in ziploc bag and put in the freezer for 2 hours.
Remove Boo Boo Buddie from ziploc bag and place on area of discomfort.
Boo Boo Buddie should stay cold for up to 30 minutes while staying dry and pliable.
Hand made in our home in Vermont in a Smoke Free Environment. 
May be ordered Scented or Unscented
Scented is made with Dried Herbs, Flaxseed and Rice
Unscented is made with Flaxseed and Rice only
All of our herbs are grown by us or purchased from reliable organic sources.
Herbal Mixture and Therapeutic Properties
Lavender - Nerve Tonic
Chamomile - Relaxing
Peppermint - Pain Support
Spearmint - Nerve Support 
Hops - Sedative
Rosemary - Headache Support
Cinnamon - Antispasmodic
Heat/Cooling Components -
Flaxseed and Rice
Hand Made in VERMONT
Customer Reviews
Rating Love the BOO BOO Buddie
I purchased two of the boo boo buddie for my children in Lake George in June. I bring them everywhere and instantly help my children if they get a boo boo.
  Reviewed by:   from Raeford, NC. on 8/3/2016
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